Worldcon 75

Buy a Worldcon 75 membership

As a supporting, adult, or youth member of Worldcon 75, you are eligible to:

  • Nominate and vote for the 2017 Hugo Awards (only members who have joined by 31 January 2017 can nominate)
  • Nominate for the 2018 Hugo Awards
  • Participate in the 2019 Worldcon Site Selection

A non-attending membership of Worldcon 75 () which will grant you the right to participate in the functions of the World Science Fiction Society (Hugo Awards and Site Selection).

Participants of the 2017 Worldcon Site Selection have been automatically granted supporting membership. Supporting memberships may be upgraded to attending memberships.

A full attending membership of Worldcon 75 ().

Persons who have never been attending or supporting members of any previous Worldcon are eligible for a First Worldcon attending membership of Worldcon 75 ().

Persons born on 10 August 1991 or later qualify for Youth attending memberships of Worldcon 75 ().

All attending memberships carry the same rights as supporting memberships, in addition to the right of general admission to the convention. Supporting members may upgrade their membership for the current difference in the membership costs.

A child attending membership of Worldcon 75 (), available for those born on 10 August 2001 or later.

Child members are not eligible to participate in the Hugo Awards or Site Selection processes.

Children born on 10 August 2011 or later are eligible for a free Kid-in-tow membership. To register a kid-in-tow member, please contact us by email.